Last summer, Kecap Tuyul visted Mescalibur for a live meeting after many on-line collaborations. They selected the best parts of their improvisation sessions to publish Lagrange’ Sessions volume 2 on eg0cide productions, It’s a bit noisier and more agitated than the 1st volume (with tgbts) of this serie of live collaborations curated by Mescalibur, although also featuring some atmospheric / droney moments. A CD-R version with extended artwork will be available later  from Entropique Production (Mescalibur’s label)

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New collaborative album between Ayato and Kecap Tuyul, when we talk about love and happiness , is available for free download from eg0cide. Guitars (electric or acoustic, melodic or noisy, prepared or not) play an important role in it but are also joined by percussion, vinyls, electronic, etc… All tracks were mixed and mastered by Ayato during 2011, using raw guitar improvisations provided by Kecap Tuyul and a few sounds by other contributors : Anton Mobin, C-lya,  Benoît Hixe, Poney Club, Mystified

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Out on Treetrunk Records : Syringlobulia , a remix Kecap Tuyul made of  Satyr 1, which in turn was a remix by Fabio Keiner of some Mystified pan flute sounds.

Kecap Tuyul : prepared guitar and voice recorded just before dawn on september 18, 2011
mixed september 2011

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The 2nd CDRX and kecap Tuyul collaboration came up faster than we thought, thanks to the work of Buddhist on Fire.
On this album, CDRX used his trademark secret soundscaping methods, Kecap Tuyul made overdubs of prepared guitar, flute and voice, and also used sounds provided by Mystified, Kecap Tilil and Watzatnoiz.

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You have to be patient when you work with Kecap Tuyul, that’s what CDRX learnt with this new collaborative work. A long watery/nocturnal soundscape was sent to KT back in 2009, and it took him 2 years to complete it with guitar & bass overdubs. The result is finally available from Eg0cide Productions.

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A new mail collaboration project has started in spring 2011 between the 2 sound manipulators and is almost finished…

Ayato, Mescalibur and Kecap Tuyul have teamed up in 2010 for a special collaborative project. Each musician has sent some sound files to the others, who have recorded some overdubs and sent them back to the first contributor who then made a final mix with the 3 batches of sounds.

The 3 volumes have been released by HAK Lo-fi Record between in 2011, they are all available as free download, but also in CD-R format. Artwork by Darby Mullins

Vol. 1 : “Hé maman je meurs!” – mixed by Mescalibur

Vol. 2 : “La boîte tombe” – mixed by Ayato

Vol. 3 : “Au miroir du désert” – mixed by Kecap Tuyul


Kecap Tuyul was invited to play live with the Crash Duo (Anton Mobin  (prepared chamber, tapes)  and Ayato (prepared guitar, tapes)) on september 30, for the Aperaudio show curated by Radio Campus Orléans. This totally  improvised session was recorded and the 3 performers found it interesting enough to get a release (no edits have been made), available fro dree download on eg0cide productions,  in wav, flac, ogg and mp3, with artwork by Anton Mobin

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Le brûle-cendres  is Kecap Tuyul first solo release. It is made of 2 tracks that were improvised and recorded in kt’s bedroom studio on prepared guitar (with e-bow sometimes) in september 2011.  No plans, no dstructures, no looper, no edits, no overdubs. Available for free download (in wav, flac and other formats) from Eg0cide Productions 

Le label HAK Lo-fi Record fête ses 10 ans (depuis quelque mois…). A cette occasion Kecap Tuyul a participé à l’élaboration d’une composition collective : comme si c’était un merle (avec Anton Mobin, Ayato, Denis Mac Carty, Kortane Cortex, Murmurists et Victor Jorge) qui sera diffusée le 30/09 lors d’une soirée spéciale apéraudio au 108 (Orléans). Le même soir Kecap Tuyul est invité pour un petit concert avec le Crash Duo (Anton Mobin et Ayato)

Kecap Koatl joins Kecap Tilil & Kecap Tuyul in Pura Sombar’s 3rd album The mountain’s third breath, published by CommA in december 2010


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