New solo album: Restes out on Eg0cide Productions. As often, it is based on improvisations on prepared guitar. But this time the raw material has been overdubbed later and gave birth to some kind of weird, foggy “songs” (?).

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Download the full album (including artwork)

Bandcamp mirror

My other shadow is a completely acoustic album, rather lo-fi and mostly improvised during a rainy week of april 2012 (although using also some old recordings from 2009-2010)

Special thanks to Kecap Tilil for having pushed me to record acoustic guitar, and to C.P. Mc Dill for the support and release on his netlabel Webbed Hand Records.

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Out on Treetrunk Records : Syringlobulia , a remix Kecap Tuyul made of  Satyr 1, which in turn was a remix by Fabio Keiner of some Mystified pan flute sounds.

Kecap Tuyul : prepared guitar and voice recorded just before dawn on september 18, 2011
mixed september 2011

Click on the picture (artwork by Eg0cide S.A.) to visit the download page

Le brûle-cendres  is Kecap Tuyul first solo release. It is made of 2 tracks that were improvised and recorded in kt’s bedroom studio on prepared guitar (with e-bow sometimes) in september 2011.  No plans, no dstructures, no looper, no edits, no overdubs. Available for free download (in wav, flac and other formats) from Eg0cide Productions 


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