The Road of Life, a collaboration track with Crows in the Garden has been released by treetrunk
A full album will be published later this year


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New collaboration album with Ayato out on Alter Sonic Records

Available in different formats (free mp3, CD-R..). Click on the picture for more informations.


New solo album: Restes out on Eg0cide Productions. As often, it is based on improvisations on prepared guitar. But this time the raw material has been overdubbed later and gave birth to some kind of weird, foggy “songs” (?).

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Download the full album (including artwork)

Bandcamp mirror

Xylophonium Algosis is Ayato & Kecap Tuyul‘s 4th collaboration album, and probably the weirdest to date – also maybe one of the weirdest albums published on eg0cide…

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Eg0cide has just released 2 X 2 , a collection of 2 live duos featuring Kecap Tuyul on prepared guitar that were improvised and recorded in summer 2011 & 2012, with Charles premier and Matthew Tyas.

Charles premier is an electroacoustic composer and improviser. He builds his own instruments, and used them in a live context for the first time during this summer 2012 sessions (with the Elektranuss Orkhestra & Kecap Tuyul)

Matthew Tyas is a multimedia artist (composer/songwriter, multi-instrumentist, improviser, film-maker). On this recording he played his main instrument : piano (but prepared this time) and voice.

With special thanks to Philippe Petitpré (Mescalibur) who made these meetings happen.

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My other shadow is a completely acoustic album, rather lo-fi and mostly improvised during a rainy week of april 2012 (although using also some old recordings from 2009-2010)

Special thanks to Kecap Tilil for having pushed me to record acoustic guitar, and to C.P. Mc Dill for the support and release on his netlabel Webbed Hand Records.

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Mescalibur & Kecap Tuyul recorded live especially for Sadayatana in the little village of Lagrange (Landes), France
This live session was featured on Sadayatana #92 “Night Of A Thousand Crimes“.
Now available for free download on Buddhist on Fire
Mescalibur : sampler
Kecap Tuyul : prepared guitar, ebow.

Special thanks to John Tocher for his support

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For this album Mister Vapor used only the prepared guitar sounds of Kecap Tuyul, that were mostly recorded in 2011-2012, and also old unpublished material (featuring Kecap Siveli on trumpet), recorded live on tape in 1995 (used in the 1st track).

While Kecap Tuyul didn’t recognize anything of his original sounds after the heavy electronic treatments of Mister Vapor, he found that these new tracks were ‘ambient songs’ that sound like the distant but haunting music he hears in his his head sometimes – without being able to catch or play it.

With special thanks to Evgenij & Thomas

Release page on 45 sounds echoes netlabel.

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Out on eg0cide : Waiting for the shaman is the latest collaborative album of Ayato & Kecap Tuyul, once more based on guitars sounds, but featurng also bass, flute, synth, tr606, voice, vinyl, and also some strings sounds provided by Kecap Tilil (Kecap Tuyul’s partner in band Pura Sombar) on 2 tracks.

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Last summer, Kecap Tuyul visted Mescalibur for a live meeting after many on-line collaborations. They selected the best parts of their improvisation sessions to publish Lagrange’ Sessions volume 2 on eg0cide productions, It’s a bit noisier and more agitated than the 1st volume (with tgbts) of this serie of live collaborations curated by Mescalibur, although also featuring some atmospheric / droney moments. A CD-R version with extended artwork will be available later  from Entropique Production (Mescalibur’s label)

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