Eg0cide has just released 2 X 2 , a collection of 2 live duos featuring Kecap Tuyul on prepared guitar that were improvised and recorded in summer 2011 & 2012, with Charles premier and Matthew Tyas.

Charles premier is an electroacoustic composer and improviser. He builds his own instruments, and used them in a live context for the first time during this summer 2012 sessions (with the Elektranuss Orkhestra & Kecap Tuyul)

Matthew Tyas is a multimedia artist (composer/songwriter, multi-instrumentist, improviser, film-maker). On this recording he played his main instrument : piano (but prepared this time) and voice.

With special thanks to Philippe Petitpré (Mescalibur) who made these meetings happen.

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Mescalibur & Kecap Tuyul recorded live especially for Sadayatana in the little village of Lagrange (Landes), France
This live session was featured on Sadayatana #92 “Night Of A Thousand Crimes“.
Now available for free download on Buddhist on Fire
Mescalibur : sampler
Kecap Tuyul : prepared guitar, ebow.

Special thanks to John Tocher for his support

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Kecap Tuyul was invited to play live with the Crash Duo (Anton Mobin  (prepared chamber, tapes)  and Ayato (prepared guitar, tapes)) on september 30, for the Aperaudio show curated by Radio Campus Orléans. This totally  improvised session was recorded and the 3 performers found it interesting enough to get a release (no edits have been made), available fro dree download on eg0cide productions,  in wav, flac, ogg and mp3, with artwork by Anton Mobin

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Le label HAK Lo-fi Record fête ses 10 ans (depuis quelque mois…). A cette occasion Kecap Tuyul a participé à l’élaboration d’une composition collective : comme si c’était un merle (avec Anton Mobin, Ayato, Denis Mac Carty, Kortane Cortex, Murmurists et Victor Jorge) qui sera diffusée le 30/09 lors d’une soirée spéciale apéraudio au 108 (Orléans). Le même soir Kecap Tuyul est invité pour un petit concert avec le Crash Duo (Anton Mobin et Ayato)


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