Frozen Clinamen

A serie of noise compositions by Failure Circle started autumn 2017. It follows a simple method inspired by the the possibilities of his no-input mixer set-up and the will to use a limited sound material in a posteriori compositions. All the sounds included in these works are recordings of moments that feature no human intervention.

Harsh Noise Building ?
Signal(sur)bruitisme (dixit LC) ?
Extreminimalism (dixit FC) ?

step (1) Tweaking the set-up until it produces some seemingly autonomously self-sustained sound sequences.
step (2) Stopping tweaking and recording for at least 20 minutes without any intervention on the set-up.
step (3) Repeating steps (1) & (2) several times.
step (4) Using the generated sounds as only source in a posteriori compositions. The only variations used while mixing are equalization, panoramics and volume levels.
step (5) play it at low/high volume with open/closed window while complety asleep / fully conscious.

Frozen Clinamen #2 (eg0cide productions, november 2018)




Frozen Clinamen #1 (eg0cide productions, july 2018)